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The Problem:

More than likely your clipper manufacturer provides you 1 year warranty when you register your item, but the problem is this warranty does not last forever and once you do break your item you go through the hassle of packaging, mailing it to the repair center, and then waiting another month to receive your item. This forces you to have several backups or buy a new pair while you wait.

Our Solution:

You no longer have to wait one month to get your replacement in fact, you won’t even wait a week with Clip Insure! All we need is a video of the broken item, your subscription code (you will receive your subscription code through email immediately after purchase), a shipping address, and we ship out your clippers instantly, no questions asked. Our benefits include:

  • Instant Replacement Upon Request
  • Free 1 Day UPS Shipping
  • Email Promotion Subscription
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 15% Off Every Future Purchase At Factory Barbiere
  • 2 Free Clipper Blades
  • 1 Free Ceramic Blade At Purchase
  • 1 Monthly Pack Of Disposable Razors
  • Qualify For 3 Clipper Exchanges/Month

What Happens When My Clippers Break?

  1. Snap A Photo Of Your Broken Item With A Current Date 
  2. Send The Photo With Subscription Code To Our Customer Support Phone Number: 469-858-2452
  3. Send Us Your Clipper 
  4. Once Received A Tracking Update We Send Your Clippers Out Instantly To The Provided Address
  5. Enjoy Your Replacement

Rate & Exchanges:.

1st Clipper can be exchange free of charge. 2nd & 3rd Clippers will cost 50% of retail pricing.