The Skin Fade

The most popular hairstyle of today is the skin fade. This style is diverse amongst all races and genders. The skin fade has been around since the 1940's and wont be going anywhere anytime soon. So lets get into it!

What Is A Skin Fade?

2 black men doing a skin fade

A skin fade is a haircut starting from completely bald skin transitioned into the bulk of hair.

How to Achieve This Look As A Barber?

To do a skin fade you will need a pair of trimmers, clippers, a razor or super shaver and a close cutting fade blade such as the Barbier Rainbow Fade Blade.

-To start, set your first guide line in with your trimmers in the desired shape of the haircut.

-Secondly, Get your fade blade and open your lever halfway and create a 1 inch guideline.

-Third, Follow that guideline with a one guard with the lever open.

-Fourth, Continue this process depending on the length of your clients hair.

-Fifth, pull out the half guard and blend with the lever open and adjust in certain areas.

-Last, Use your super close cutting Fade blade to remove the initial first guide line and viola! You have a completed skin fade!

Black man, Blad fade




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