A Barbers Proper Lighting


The most important aspect of attracting clients and taking stunning photos for portfolios and online advertisement is proper lighting.

Proper lighting helps viewers see fine details in your work and help you see the flaws you may need to work on. In this article we will go over key points on how to get proper lighting, proper environment and how to setup the equipment.


The Setup

To start you'll need a LED Ring Light and a barbers station with several 75W Daylight LED lightbulbs. You can get your light bulbs at your local Home Depot and we have our perfect lighting Ring Light for sale Here

From my experience you'll want the station to be at a direct angle to your client as usually is.

Also place the Ring Light on your dominant hands side. So if your right handed like me, set up the ring light on your right side next to the station.


The Environment

Now that you've got the setup its time to touch the second most important point, the environment. You see the environment can make or break a video or picture. You want there to be no "noise" in the background, by noise meaning photo bombers, trash and animals like such. I could get further into the photography portion of this but we will touch on that in the next blog. Anyway the walls should have a great contrast to your clients skin tone, I find a off-white works great on all.

Low Bald Drop Fade, Low Fade

Make sure too that you keep your floors mopped and swept as these fine details are crucial in photography.

This next photo is a perfect example of a great photo that has daily clients flooding me literally. This photo has earned me over 30K in just 6 months all thanks to the right setup and lighting!

Austons Fades using razor on haircut with client reclined.

The Setup

Lastly lets talk about how to put all of this together for a photo. As mentioned above we have discussed where the lights should stay stationary. But more importantly, you want to make sure that light is coming directly at the object and that their is a side angle light. For example, in the above photo there is a ring light behind the camera pointing directly at me and a set of led lights to the left side of the photo. This creates a great glow on the persons skin causing colors and fine details to be enhanced that your viewers will want to zoom in on.


Key Points:

Get a Ring Light 

Get 75W LED Light Bulbs

Have a Clear Background For Your Photos

Have Lighting Come From Two Or More Angles But Never Toward The Camera

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